Why Take your Child to an Orthodontist?

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  • 2017-03-01

Why Take your Child to an Orthodontist?

The general dentist cares for your child’s oral health and a cosmetic dentist cares for the appearance. While these are the most two common types of dentists out there, many other dental specialists exist, working to help children of all ages smile brightly for a long time to come. The orthodontist Jacksonville FL is one of those specialists.

What does the Orthodontist Treat?

The orthodontist is most known for providing children with braces. Kids oftentimes need braces to help straighten their teeth, to close gaps, and for other reasons that enhance the appearance and functioning of the mouth. Today the choices in braces is extensive, with the traditional metal-type braces only one of the many styles available.

The Use of Braces

Braces help correct many different ailments causing your teeth to separate or other problems. The orthodontist can identify the problem and help you choose the best corrective procedure based upon your desires as well as insurance coverage and/or budget.

Adults can Visit the Orthodontist

Although the orthodontist primarily treats children, adults are also treated at the orthodontist. One in every 10 patients that visits the orthodontist is over the age of 21, so if you are an adult that has oral health problems that you would like to correct, the orthodontist is there to help you, too.

When you or your child need braces, a visit to the orthodontist is in order. This dental professional makes it easy to correct misaligned, crooked teeth, and many other oral health problems interfering with your self-esteem, ability to smile, etc. This visit ensures that you love your smile and can proudly show it off for a long time ahead. Do not put this visit off. It is far too important to miss.